Everything in our lives, without exception, is touched, if not made, by the forces of capitalism. The arts are no exception and have become an extension of our free-market driven society. There is an implied division of labor between the artist and the art lover. Pieces are monetized, commodified, and subject to propagandization for marketing purposes. Artists, curators and critics comprise an elite creative class privy to the meaning of abstruse art theory used to create a false scarcity of aesthetics - implying an absence of beauty in the commonplace. Thus the general public is estranged, and accessible art pieces are deemed naive.

deLight seeks to playfully subvert this paradigm. Participation is an essential element in the feedback loop it generates. More instrument than art piece, audience members are invited to haptically engage. Thus passive consumers of art become active creators of projected imagery. Banal objects - aluminum foil, cheesecloth, christmas lights and canvas - become fluid mosaics.  

Most interactions between strangers are mediated by socioeconomic anxieties. Studies have shown that by playing together, people are able to see past their preconceptions and societally informed notions of one another. Playful engagement with others builds trust and compassion. Through play people cease seeing others as “other” and view them inclusively as contributors to a common objective. Pieces which can create spaces of group cooperation rather than isolated, en masse competition can address many of the overwhelming problems present in contemporary society. deLight is such an instrument, meant to played - not a frigid implement affixed to a wall, and forbidden to the touch.