Heavy Color

Florence, AL

Exhibition at a local printmaking shop/art gallery. This version was inspired by the remains of an imaginary prehistoric gloworm.

“This, ladies and gentlemen, is the haunted remains of the prehistoric glowworm “Gargantua”, an ancient amphibian that was indigenous to this land and it's bodies of water. It is thought to have been a most playful creature and was only dangerous when it got playfully carried away and forgot the magnitude of its own inertia. Staring down its esophagal chamber one witnesses the digestion of light. It is an involuntary chemical process, much like the human corpse continues to grow hair and fingernails after death This chamber continues to process any light which enters. Do not be squeamish. The flesh and blood of this carcass decomposed ages ago. So please come see what I saw that night when I dove deep into the murky mire and nearly drowned from amazement. This, the glow worm, Gargantua. So please step right up, its playful nature persists but do not get carried away and forget the magnitude of your own inertia.”